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written by: jenny wu

subway tile is versatile,it is difficult to define exactly which style it represents. It can be vintage, luxury, or contemporary. The edge can be flat or bevel, the surface is matt or glossy

flat, glossy

flat, matt

bevel, glossy

bevel, matt

The subway tiles can form a blank canvas to highlight the characters of decorattion

The combination of wood elements can stand out the warmth of wood

black-framed shower door,silver aluminum elements, industrial-style vanity unit are on-trend. the subway tiles works well with this look, and the black grout defines the outlines of each tile, adding depth and interest to a space

The waist line of pure black is the key to updating the whole level

the subway tile also can fits in perfectly with sophisticated look.

in these pictures, the ground patterns are too busy, while subway tiles can keep the whole calm down.

The layout methods

crosshatch vertical

stack bond

traditonal herringbone

running bond

straight  herringbone

Diagonal  herringbone


stach bond

If you want more information about subway tile, please kindly contact me, we also can offer the catalog to u.

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